Michael Brown

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I made the move from elementary to junior high school in 2013. Being able to focus on one of my personal areas of interest has made all the difference for me.

I started teaching in 1988, after bouncing around from job to job for years after getting my B.A. in Communications. Auto parts sales, park maintenance, school bus driver, bartender, you name it I probably did it. But it was as a bus driver that I discovered I enjoyed working with young people. And thanks to a supportive principal at a school I delivered students to, I soon wound up in a teaching certification program.

My career has been filled with highs and lows, but I am currently experiencing on of the most rewarding periods.

Besides social studies, I also love science and art.

I am happily married and love spending time with my family, especially in the outdoors.


Gonzaga University
Master of Arts
1995 To 1998

Seattle University
1986 To 1987

Western Washington University
Bachelor of Arts
1976 To 1980