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New issue of Journal of International Social Studies, vol.8 n.2

  • 1.  New issue of Journal of International Social Studies, vol.8 n.2

    Posted 11-16-2018 12:10:00 AM
    Dear Colleagues,
    It is my pleasure to introduce a new issue of Journal of International Social Studies that has been published online.

    Vol 8, No 2 (2018)
    Table of Contents

    From the Editor
    Anatoli Rapoport

    Exploring the Relationship Between Constructivist Learning Environments, Attitudes, Academic Delay of Gratification, and Teaching Efficacy Beliefs in a Social Studies Teaching Course
    Şahin Dündar

    Philosophy for Children: A Deliberative Pedagogy for Teaching Social Studies in Japan and the USA
    Amber Strong Makaiau and Noboru Tanaka

    High School Study Abroad: What do World History Students Really Learn?
    Carmen Newstreet and Jacqueline Rackard

    Social Studies in South Korea: Examining Teacher and Teacher Educator's Views
    Matthew Scott Hollstein

    Perception of Students and Educators on the Responsibility For Good Citizenship: The Ethiopian Case
    Mulugeta Yayeh Worku

    Transformation Through Teacher Education: A Case Study of One Methods Course in Kenya
    Michelle Dawn Cude and Florence Kisirkoi

    Slaying the Dragon: Junior Model United Nations Curriculum Designing for Middle School Teacher Candidates
    Juan Manuel Walker, Stacie K Pettit, Craig Douglas Albert, and Laura Rychly

    Banal and Fetishized Evil: Implicating Ordinary Folk in Genocide Education
    Cathryn van Kessel

    Media Review
    Book Review: The Global Education Movement: Narratives of Distinguished Global Educators
    Jing Williams

    I hope you will enjoy the content.

    Anatoli Rapoport, Ph. D.
    Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
    Editor, Journal of International Social Studies
    Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    Purdue University