IA Conference

NCSS International Assembly Annual Meeting 2020

Invitation for Proposals

Washington, D.C.
Friday, December 4, 2020
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Submission Deadline Extended to May 15, 2020


The International Assembly is a forum within the NCSS for discussion of the international dimensions of the Social Studies. Membership is open to all members of NCSS who are interested in the development and implementation of Social Studies within the Global Village.


The International Assembly invites you to participate in its roundtable sessions in Washington, D.C. Two paper presentations will be offered at each table. Each presentation will be allotted 20 minutes (i.e. 20 minutes for each presentation) and then 15 minutes for general discussion of both presentations which will be led by an assigned Facilitator. Four types of proposals are welcomed for submission:

  • Practice oriented presentations on a global topic
  • Recently completed research on a global topic or in an international context
  • Works-in-progress on a global topic or social studies in an international context
  • Lesson plans related to international social studies, grades k-college

A presentation may represent the work of one, two or three authors. While any NCSS member may submit a proposal to make a presentation at the International Assembly sessions, prior to the conference date all presenters must be IA members. An author/co-author may submit a maximum of two proposals.

Proposal and Lesson Plan Format

Proposals should have a narrative of 800-1,000 words (excluding title and references), along with an abstract (100 words). Proposals exceeding the word limits will not be considered. We will share the abstract and your contact information on the printed IA Program, unless you direct us otherwise.

All proposals will go through blind reviews, so please do NOT include the names or affiliations of authors and presenters in the proposal document. The Program Chair reserves the right to disqualify submissions in which authors’ identifying information is revealed.

Criteria for review of the round table presentations include alignment with the mission of International Assembly and alignment with the NCSS’conference theme.  Reviewers will also consider the purpose of the presentation, the author’s theoretical framework, design/method, conclusions, contribution to the field of global education and internationalized or globalized social studies, and written organization.

Criteria for review of the lesson plan include originality, relevant international social studies content, research-based practices, meaningful formative and summative assessments, clear overview, and alliance with this basic lesson plan format:

  • No Identifiers
  • Title of Lesson
  • Overview on Content Focus on International Social Studies (brief summary)
  • Overall Objectives with stem Students will be able to:
  • Content Resources: Primary and/or Secondary Sources, Handouts, Readings
  • Outline of Lesson (Procedures in step-by-step outline)
  • Assessment/s
  • References

Publication Opportunity

The International Assembly will be awarding a best conference paper award. The winner of this award will be recognized at our conference during our business meeting. In addition, the paper will be published in the Journal of International Social Studies. In order to be considered for this award, please submit a completed manuscript of your conference presentation to Anatoli Rapoport (rapoport@purdue.edu) by October 1, 2020.

Reviewers and Facilitators

To maintain the high quality of the IA conference and to keep building our IA community, we invite you to sign up as a proposal reviewer and/or discussion facilitator. Each reviewer will have the privilege to review around 10 proposals. During the roundtable session, the discussion facilitator’s main duty is to keep each presentation on time and encourage the participants to ask questions or provide comments. Please sign up by April 17 when you submit your proposal.

Further Information Regarding Proposal Acceptance

For the purpose of avoiding any misunderstandings, your electronic submission acknowledges the following statement of intent:

I certify that the named participants and I have agreed to take part in this program if this proposal is accepted. It will be my responsibility to notify each co-presenter regarding the status of the proposal as well as the date, time, and location of the presentation if accepted.

I understand that if my proposal is accepted I must be a current member of the International Assembly. Membership is $25 per year.

Proposals are due 11:59 p.m. EST, May 15, 2020. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact IA Program Chair Bea Bailey at cbeatri@clemson.edu.

Thank you for your commitment to global education. We look forward to reading your great work!