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TRSE 2022 Curated Article Collection

  • 1.  TRSE 2022 Curated Article Collection

    Posted 10-25-2022 10:07:00 AM

    Since its inception, one of the hallmarks of quality social studies education has been deliberation. In ideal conditions, deliberation allows students to engage in civic decision-making and helps prepare them for life in a pluralistic society. 

    However, we do not always live in ideal conditions. Throughout U.S. history, there have been efforts to stifle certain topics in schools, and increasingly, teachers are pressed to teach "both sides" of issues that are either settled or promote injustice. 

    As such, scholars have begun taking a more critical look at deliberation. This curated collection showcases some of the best research on deliberation and the teaching of controversial/political issues over the past few years. All articles are FREE ACCESS for a limited time!

    "From deliberation to counter-narration: Toward a critical pedagogy for democratic citizenship" by Melissa Gibson (Volume 48, Issue 3)

    "Deliberation can wait: How civic litigation makes inquiry critical" by Mark Hlavacik & Daniel Krutka (Volume 49, Issue 3) 

    "The tradition of classroom deliberation and the evasion of racial justice as a social issue, 1916-1966" by Thomas Fallace (Volume 50, Issue 1)

    "Teacher political disclosure in contentious times: A 'responsibility to speak up' or 'fair and balanced'?" by Rebecca Geller (Volume 48, Issue 2) 

    "Navigating identity as a controversial issue: One teacher's disclosure for critical empathic reasoning" by Jenni Conrad (Volume 48, Issue 2)

    "Cultivating empathic listening in democratic education" by Molly Andolina & Hilary Conklin (Volume 49, Issue 3)  

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