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Schedule of Indigenous Education Events at NCSS: Don't miss the chance to reconnect!

  • 1.  Schedule of Indigenous Education Events at NCSS: Don't miss the chance to reconnect!

    Posted 10-10-2022 08:46:00 PM

    Don't Forget to Register for NCSS

    Don't miss the opportunity to gather for NCSS 2022 on Lenape Lands in Philadelphia, you can learn more about the Lenape at the museum visit on Thursday! 

    We've missed seeing you in person and hope that you'll make plans to learn with us and encourage other teachers, researchers, friends and colleagues to join us as well. We encourage community members to arrive Thursday and stay through Saturday so you don't miss out on anything!

    Please contribute resources you have to share for our community table - you can bring them with you and we will distribute them at events and during community table time. If they are digital send Mark an email so they can be reviewed and added to the shared community library.


    Pre Conference Clinic 10am-4pm Philadelphia Convention center

    "Forced Removal of Indigenous Children, Genocide and Anticolonial Teaching"

    Dr. Mishy Lesser, Upstander Academy

    This is a great opportunity to engage with the films from Upstander including the Emmy Award winning Dawnland and the teachers guide and curriculum that support teaching the film. Make plans to arrive Thursday morning and then check into your hotel after the session!


    Penn Museum Visit and Social Hour 4-6:30pm (meet outside at 4:00 at 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104) Please let Mark know if you will attend so our hosts are ready

    Indigenous Education Community Event (everyone is welcome)

    Come explore the city and visit the Native Voices Exhibit with us and then

    join us for some time to socialize before the conference begins. The first 30 people get free 

    admission to the museum and everyone will get a curriculum to take home with them.


    Film and Discussion Home From School 3:50-5:45

    Sponsored by the NCSS Indigenous Education Community. Home from School: The Children of Carlisle is a documentary feature that tackles the history of the federal Indian boarding school era in the United States and tribal communities seeking healing and justice from these policies decades later. In 2022-23, Home From School is working with strategic partners to ensure that the film is seen and used by educators and students around the U.S. to promote education, dialogue and understanding about the boarding school era and its lasting legacy on the Native American community today.  Following the film, the audience will hear from and engage with members of the film about the making of the film and its impacts on the Northern Arapaho Tribe.  Hear directly from those involved in bringing the children at Carlisle home from school and their travels between Pennsylvania and the Northern Arapahoe Nation.


    Re-Indigenizing History: Moving Beyond Decolonization in Your District 11:10 AM-12:10

    Marriott Franklin 8 (4th Floor)

    Shana Brown and Gail Morris Seattle Public Schools

    The Indigenous Education Community chose to feature this session this year. This session is a very helpful walk-through of how to do this work, using a model of how it was done in Washington State. We are so excited to hear from Shana and Gail! Don't miss this session. 

    Decolonizing Native American and indigenous histories is only the first step toward sustainable educational justice. When we re-indigenize settler-colonial systems and practices, we learn what Native people have always known.


    Indigenous Education Community Meeting

    2:15-3:15 Marriott 413

    Join us to meet and discuss this year's conference and reflect on the sessions we shared and start planning for next year's conference. 

    That's all the information you need to help you build your schedule! 

    Rachel Talbert
    Vice Chair NCSS Indigenous Education Community
    Postdoctoral Fellow