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New Edited Book--Racial Literacies and Social Studies Education

  • 1.  New Edited Book--Racial Literacies and Social Studies Education

    Posted 10-13-2022 12:54:00 PM

    Dear Colleagues, 

    It is my pleasure to introduce the latest book in the Research and Practice in Social Studies series for Teachers College Press: Racial Literacies and Social Studies: Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning, edited by LaGarrett King! 

    It is available for purchase on the Teachers College Press website, Amazon, or anywhere you buy books! Here is the TC Press link:  (FYI: TCPress is currently running a promotion-if you buy from their website and use the code CATS23, you will get 15% off and free shipping!) 

    Book description: This volume collects the work of historians, researchers, and classroom teachers to define what it means to be a racially literate educator and citizen. History classes should be spaces in which all students learn about their predecessors' legacies as a context for understanding and decision-making in contemporary society. In reality, the historical experiences of people of color are additive at best or marginalized at worst. To address the complexities of teaching and learning about race in the history classroom, chapter authors answer a series of questions related to curriculum, instruction, student learning, and teacher education: (1) how U.S. history narratives and curricular frameworks can or do incorporate the histories of racial/immigrant groups, (2) how teachers in particular contexts enact instruction that promotes and/or impedes students' racial literacy, (3) what students learn or don't learn from race lessons in history, and (4) how teacher educators can educate the next generation of teachers to become racially literate. Readers can use this resource to enable all young people to acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to critique the nation's legacy of racial inequality, as well as understand the historical movements to disrupt inequality. 

    Advanced praise:

    "Racial Literacies and Social Studies is a call to action for teachers, school administrators, university faculty, and anyone committed to challenging power imbalances and racial hierarchies in schools and society. Edited by the country's preeminent scholar on social studies and race, this book skillfully addresses intersectionalities of race and advances both research and praxis for a path forward toward an equitable world."-Christine Woyshner, professor of education, Temple University

    "Racial Literacies and Social Studies provides a timely and insightful collection of essays that address many of the key issues impacting how we come to understand the durable grammar of race. The essays provide intellectual leadership that educators at all levels can draw from to inform their racial pedagogical content knowledge. Overall, this text is vital for encouraging us to both understand and act with regards to race and racism in order to arrive at a broader, more humanistic civic purpose."-Christopher Busey, associate professor, University of Florida

    "Racial Literacies and Social Studies is a much-needed addition to the conversation about race at local, state, and national levels. Our curriculum, instruction, and profession depend upon developing racial literacy. This collection will help social studies educators and the broader community develop the necessary knowledge, language, and dispositions needed to identify and address racism in the past and present."-Ryan New, K-12 instructional lead for social studies, Jefferson County Public Schools

    Table of Contents 

    Introduction: Social Studies, All Things Race, and Racism-LaGarrett King 


    The COVID-19 Pandemic, Racial Literacy, and Asian Americans in the History Curriculum-Sohyun An 

    "Movin' On Up": The Growing Role of Latinx Social Studies Topics Through the Grade Levels-Maribel Santiago and Eliana Castro 

    "It's Gonna Be My History": The Need for (Re)Indigenizing Curricular Literacies-Christine Stanton 


    Between the General and the Particular: Theoretical Tensions in Historical Consciousness and Racial Literacy for the Classroom-Gabriel Reich 

    "We Gotta Make a Change": Developing Racial Literacy With Elementary Preservice Teachers Through Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give-Noreen Naseem Rodríguez 


    The National Curriculum of Whiteness Created by Our Public Spaces-Karen Burgard 

    The Refusal to Learn: Inquiry Through Marronage in the History Classroom-Tadashi Dozono 

    Racial Literacy and Historic Plantation Sites: A Tale of Two Plantations-Kristen Duncan 

    Beyond Curricular Acknowledgement: Islam in the Classroom-Natasha Hakimali Merchant 


    Developing Racial Literacy With White Social Studies Teachers: Reflections From a Critical Teacher Educator-Tommy Ender 

    "You and Your Racist Friend": Programmatic Considerations for Building Racial Literacy Through Anti-Racist Teacher Education-Andrea Hawkman 

    Learning to Teach History for Justice: Racial Literacies and Teacher Education-Christopher Martell and Kaylene Stevens 

    Knowing Is Not Enough, Action is Required: Toward Racial Literacy and Activism in Teacher Development-Tiffany Mitchell Patterson 

    I Stay Mad: A Black Woman Social Studies Educator's Fight to Be Seen, Heard, and Heeded-ArCasia James-Galloway

    Wayne Journell
    Series Editor, Research and Practice in Social Studies Series, Teachers College Press