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New Edited Book--Critical Race Theory and Social Studies Futures

  • 1.  New Edited Book--Critical Race Theory and Social Studies Futures

    Posted 11-15-2022 11:03:00 AM

    Dear Colleagues, 

    It is my pleasure to introduce the latest book in the Research and Practice in Social Studies series for Teachers College Press: Critical Race Theory and Social Studies Futures: From the Nightmare of Racial Realism to Dreaming Out Loud, edited by Amanda Vickery and Noreen Naseem Rodríguez! 

    It is available for purchase on the Teachers College Press website, Amazon, or anywhere you buy books! Here is the TC Press link: (FYI: Amanda and Noreen, along with many of the chapter authors, are leading a session about this book on Thursday morning at the CUFA conference!) 

    Book description: Now more than ever, we need to teach the truth about history. This volume assembles a team of critical social studies Scholars of Color and co-conspirators who share both their nightmares and dreams for the future. The authors engage critical race theory (CRT) and its many branches and offshoots to better understand the permanence of racism in the teaching of social studies. The book's first section, A Dream Deferred, outlines the endemic systemic issues and the ways in which the field and national organizations attempt to remain racially neutral in the face of the biases that permeate curriculum, disciplines, and the world. The second section, Racial Realities in Classroom Spaces, examines the various ways scholars and educators are applying CRT in PreK–12 spaces. In the third section, Possibilities of Praxis, chapter authors critically reflect on their own experiences and stories using CRT to work with young people and future teachers. In the final section, Dreaming of Social Studies Futures, contributors outline their dreams for the future of social studies, envisioning an unapologetically Indigenous field that centers Black futures and liberation and is free from the violence that has plagued the field and communities for centuries. 

    Advanced praise:

    "Efforts to erase race from what students should learn is precisely the recipe that leads to tragic events such as the one that occurred in Buffalo…. This work offers solutions, interventions, and important considerations about how to dismantle structural racism, and how to address and respond to racism in classrooms and in schools."-From the foreword by Tyrone Howard, professor, UCLA

    "Amanda Vickery and Noreen Naseem Rodríguez have, with great intentionality and urgency, engaged the collective wisdom and lived experiences of an array of scholars, educators, and activists. Together, this group of BIPOC authors and their co-conspirators challenges each of us individually-and the field of social studies writ large-to honestly confront what Critical Race Theory reveals and teaches us about our troubled past and present and to act, purposefully, for a more desired and inclusive future."-J.B. Mayo, associate professor, University of Minnesota

    Table of Contents 

    Foreword-Tyrone Howard 

    Introduction-Amanda Vickery and Noreen Naseem Rodríguez 


    Beyond the Guise of Racial Neutrality: A CRT Analysis of Critical Moments and the Social Studies Profession-Christopher Busey 

    What's Left Unsaid: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of NCSS Position Statements-Kristen Duncan and Natasha Murray-Everett 

    Steady at the Bottom of the Well: Anti-Blackness and Social Studies Historiographies-ArCasia James-Galloway 


    Unsettling Scenes and the Geographies of Racialized, Dis/abled Childhoods-Tran Templeton and Maggie Harvey 

    Counterstorytelling and Racial Inquiry in Early Childhood Social Studies-Anna Falkner 

    The Global Color-Line: Critical Race Theory and Global Citizenship Education in Conversation and in Classrooms-Hanadi Shatara and Esther Kim 

    Being in Difference, Together: Making the Classroom an Academic Home Through Critical Race Theory-Tadashi Dozono 


    Another Social Studies is Possible: Challenging the Violence of Organized Forgetting Through Counternarratives-Ramon Vasquez 

    Deconstructing Social Studies Classrooms: Youth Participatory Action Research as a Process of Radical Space-making, Empowerment, and Imagination-Eva García, Amina Smaller, and Ryan Oto 

    Enacting Cultural Citizenship Education for Black Liberation: A Dream for Social Studies Education-Denisha Jones 

    Nurturing Seeds and Dreams of Freedom: Ethnic Studies as the Practice of Humanization, Solidarity, and Love-Christina Shiao-Mei Villarreal 

    Soñando en/del Sur Latinx: Letting the Youth Disrupt Narratives of Division-Jesús Tirado and Timothy Monreal 


    Indigenous Futurities and the Responsibilities of Social Studies-Turtle Island Social Studies Collective 

    Teaching the Fullness of Black Women's Lives in Social Studies Education-Tiffany Mitchell Patterson 

    Who's Afraid of Queer/Quare Social Studies?-Jon Wargo 

    From a Curriculum of Violence to a Curriculum of Humanity: An AsianCrit Critique and Dream of Social Studies-Sohyun An 

    On the Other Side and a Dream: Community, Love, Joy, and Freedom-Economics as It Could Be-Neil Shanks and Delandrea Hall 

    Conclusion-Amanda Vickery and Noreen Naseem Rodríguez 

    Afterword-Cinthia Salinas

    Wayne Journell Curriculum and Instruction
    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Greensboro NC