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Latest Issue of TRSE (Volume 51, Issue 1) Now Online!

  • 1.  Latest Issue of TRSE (Volume 51, Issue 1) Now Online!

    Posted 02-21-2023 05:04:00 PM

    Dear Colleagues,

    It is my pleasure to share with you Volume 51, Issue 1 of Theory & Research in Social Education, which has been published online. This issue includes the following articles and reviews: 

    "Social studies education research for sustainable democratic societies: Addressing persistent civic challenges" by Brett Levy, Christopher Busey, Alexander Cuenca, Ronald Evans, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Li-Ching Ho, Joseph Kahne, Mark Kissling, Jane Lo, Paula McAvoy, & Sarah McGrew

    "Theorizing necropolitics in social studies education" by Bretton Varga, Mark Helmsing, Cathryn van Kessel, & Rebecca Christ

    "What do social studies methods instructors know and do? Teacher educators' PCK for facilitating historical discussions" by Lightning Jay

    "Developing accountability and responsibility: How teacher candidates experience and conceptualize community-based pedagogy in the social studies" by Kaitlin Popielarz & Aaron Galliher

    "Teaching young people more than "how to survive austerity": From traditional financial literacy to critical economic literacy education" by Agata Soroko


    "Agency, racism, and what they mean for early childhood and elementary social studies" by Anna Falkner (Review of Segregation by Experience: Agency, Racism and Learning in the Early Grades by Jennifer Keys Adair & Kiyomi Sánchez-Suzuki Colegrove)

    "Whiteness and the social studies: Naming and re-articulating 'the invisible'" by Victoria Smith, William Smith, & Ryan Crowley (Review of Marking the "Invisible": Articulating Whiteness in Social Studies Education, edited by Andrea Hawkman & Sarah Shear)

    "On re-meaning space, time, and memory: A lived experience" by Scott Durham & Avner Segall (Review of Homo Irrealis: Essays and Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere by André Aciman)

    This issue can be accessed at

    Wayne Journell Curriculum and Instruction
    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
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