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Latest Issue of TRSE Now Online!

  • 1.  Latest Issue of TRSE Now Online!

    Posted 11-22-2022 04:36:00 PM

    Dear Colleagues,  

    It is my pleasure to share with you Volume 50, Issue 4 of Theory & Research in Social Education, which has been published online. This issue includes the following articles and reviews:   

    "Rethinking presentism in history education" by James Miles and Lindsay Gibson 

    "Moral judgment in history education and historical positionality as a moral evaluator" by Jong-Pil Yoon 

    "Virtual reality for the promotion of historical empathy: A mixed-methods analysis" by Timothy Patterson, Insook Han, and Laurie Esposito 

    "'Glossed over and missing': Preservice teachers learn about slavery in Canada" by Cory Wright-Maley 

    "U.S. history state assessment items: Exploring the income-achievement gap and levels of academic language, historical thinking, and historical literacy demand" by Jason Miller 


    "Becoming activists for racial justice: A renewed purpose for learning about the past in K-12 education" by Erin Piedmont (Review of Teaching History for Justice: Centering Activism in Students' Study of the Past by Christopher Martell and Kaylene Stevens)  

    "Principles, pedagogies, and possibilities for revisioning the primary grades curriculum toward social justice and sustainability" by Elizabeth Crawford (Review of Teaching for Social Justice and Sustainable Development Across the Primary Curriculum, edited by Anne Marie Kavanaugh, Fionnuala Waldron, and Benjamin Mellon)  

    "Beyond grits and sweet tea: Understanding the complexities of teaching & learning in the U.S. South" by Kristen Duncan (Review of Critical Perspectives on Teaching in the Southern United States, edited by Tori Flint and Natalie Keefer)  


    This issue can be accessed at

    Wayne Journell
    Editor, Theory & Research in Social Education