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Special Issue of Journal of International Social Studies 10(2) - Social Studies Classroom in the Time of Pandemic

  • 1.  Special Issue of Journal of International Social Studies 10(2) - Social Studies Classroom in the Time of Pandemic

    Posted 08-12-2020 10:08:00 PM
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    Dear Colleagues,

    A new volume of Journal of International Social Studies is online This is a special issue of JISS entitled Social Studies Classroom in the Time of Pandemic: Experience, Practice, and Advice From the very beginning of the pandemic, we all have faced the question of how to adapt to new extraordinary circumstances. We in the NCSS International Assembly and Journal of International Social Studies believe that one of the most efficient ways to help is to exchange experiences and best instructional practices accumulated by social studies professionals during the first months of the pandemic. With this idea in mind, we invited colleagues to share their ideas and practices regarding how to respond to the current challenges. Eleven essays in this special issue involve helpful advice on how to design an online class, develop electronic social studies content materials, establish relations with students in online classrooms, and use the pandemic as a way to educate responsible citizens. The authors of the essays are classroom teachers and university instructors. We intentionally planned to publish this special issue before the school year starts to make sure our readers can use some advice in their instructional planning.

    We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest


    Journal of International Social Studies
    Vol 10, No 2 (2020)
    Table of Contents

    From the Editor: Social Studies Classroom in the Time of Pandemic (1-2)
    Anatoli Rapoport


    Cultivating Ordinary Voices of Dissent: the Challenge for the Social Studies (3-11)
    Graham Pike

    Civic Thinking and Public Policy Analysis: A Comparative Approach to Political Decision-Making (12-36)
    Jason Fitzgerald


    Awakening the Sleeping Giant: A Commentary on Social Studies During the Coronavirus Pandemic (37-43)
    Brad Maguth

    Self-Regulation, Empathy, and Compassion: A Critical Triad to Develop Anti-Racist Digital Citizenship  in the Time of Pandemic (44-59)
    Eric Claravall, Kelsey Evans-Amalu

    With Love: Attempting to Instill the Lasting Value of Humanity While Teaching During a Global Pandemic (60-66)
    Scott Glew, Ryan Oto, J.B. Mayo

    Framing the Pandemic Within Global Citizenship Education (67-75)
    Jay M Shuttleworth

    Emergency Remote Learning: Seeing, Understanding and Disrupting Racism (76-89)
    Linda Doornbos

    Transforming the Activity of Teaching a Foundation of Diversity and Equity Course (90-102)
    Dean P Vesperman

    Teaching Global Health in the Time of Covid-19: Key Concepts for Social Studies Classrooms (103-112)
    Mark Helmsing, Shiri Noy

    Exploring COVID-19 in a Social Studies Methods Course: Preservice Teachers Harness the Current Pandemic to Design Inquiry-based WebQuests for Elementary Learners (113-126)
    Erin Vaughn Piedmont

    Human Rights Before and After Covid-19: Getting Human Rights Education out of Quarantine (127-140)
    Glenn Mitoma, Alan S. Marcus

    Fostering an Interactive Social Studies Classroom Instruction During a Pandemic: Experience, Practice, and Advice. (141-150)
    Razak Kwame Dwomoh

    Worthwhile Questions and Dancing Through Despair to Hope (151-156)
    Martha J. Ritter

    Media Review

    Unpacking Fake News an Educator's Guide to Navigating the Media with Students (157-160)
    Soad Naser Badran

    Book Review: Inquiry-Based Global Learning in the K-12 Social Studies Classroom (161-164)
    Christian D Pirlet

    Anatoli Rapoport, Ph. D.
    Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
    Editor, Journal of International Social Studies
    Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    Purdue University