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2020 International Assembly (IA) ( NCSS) Excellence in Teaching Award

  • 1.  2020 International Assembly (IA) ( NCSS) Excellence in Teaching Award

    Posted 10-27-2020 09:33:00 PM
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    The International Assembly (IA)withinThe National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)

    2020 Teaching Awards Application Process


    International Assembly (IA) Excellence in Teaching Award

    This International Assembly's annual Teaching Award is open to social studies educators within IA who have had at least five to ten years of teaching experience. The educator must show evidence of teaching with a global or international education focus.  You may nominate a colleague of self-nominate. In addition, the nominee or applicant must show evidence of his or her efforts to improve global or international education. In addition, she, he /they should be able to document international and local field experiences that support global mindedness and international education.  Furthermore, the candidate or the nominating colleague should demonstrate within an introductory cover letter how the applicant shows a strong commitment to global/international education based on NCSS' goals:

    • Gaining knowledge of world culture
    • Understanding the historical geographic economic, political, cultural, and environmental relationships among world religions and peoples
    • Examining the nature of cultural differences and national or regional conflicts and problems; and
    • Acting to influence public policy and private behavior on behalf of international understanding, tolerance and empathy.

    To make a nomination or self-nomination, please provide an introductory cover letter that offers evidence for outstanding teaching through a two-page single-spaced summary that justifies the qualifications of the candidate based on the standards cited above. In addition, please provide basic information about how course/courses are designed, materials used & or techniques as well as insights into how learners are encouraged to develop global mindedness and/or international competence. In addition, please provide a representative syllabus that shows topics that promote international education focus and one letter of recommendation.

    These documents ( narrative & letter of recommendation) shoul emphasize  how the applicant promotes  skills and competencies and behaviours needed for a globalized world.

    Please submit a cover letter; representative syllabus, course materials, artifacts or student work; and a letter of recommendation  by EMAIL to  Lydiah Nagnga   -   IA Awards Committee Chair on or before November 11th.

    The IA Teaching Award winner for 2020 will be officially recognized at IA's annual meeting within the NCSS VIRTUAL conference  on December 4th and/or via Email.

    Lydiah Nganga, Associate Professor

    School of Teacher Education , Univerity of Wyoming

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    Lydiah Nganga
    Associate Professor
    School of Teacher Education
    University of Wyoming
    Laramie WY -