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Seeking Nominations for IA Executive Board

  • 1.  Seeking Nominations for IA Executive Board

    Posted 10-21-2020 10:41:00 AM

    Dear International Assembly Friends,


    The International Assembly [IA] Executive Board is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for the following positions:


    • Program Chair/Vice President (2020-2022), who will succeed Dr. Beatrice Bailey in December 2020. The Program Chair/Vice President is responsible for the program planning of IA's annual conference.
    • Treasurer (2020-2022), who will succeed Dr. Vicki Thomas in December 2020. The treasure will supervise the financial affairs of IA.
    • Marketing (2020-2022), who will succeed Dr. Matthew Hollstein in December 2020. Marketing is responsible for promoting IA.
    • Secretary (2020-2022), who will succeed Dr. Heidi Torres in December 2020. The secretary writes minutes for IA's business meeting and the IA Executive Board meeting and sends the minutes to the IA Executive Board for review and approval.
    • IA Awards Committee Chair (2020-2022), who will succeed Dr. Lydiah Nganga in December 2020. IA offers at least one award each year. The IA Award Committee Chair will send out calls for nominations and work with the committee to select the award recipient.


    If you are interested in running for any of these positions or know somebody who is interested, please send your nominations or self-nominations to Jing Williams ( NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 30.


    IA looks forward to working with you. Thank you for considering.


    Jing Williams, Ph.D.
    Chair (2018-2020), International Assembly of the NCSS
    Associate Professor
    University of South Dakota
    Vermillion, SD 57069