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How Do You Picture Human Rights?

  • 1.  How Do You Picture Human Rights?

    Posted 10-08-2018 10:11:00 PM
    How Do You Picture Human Rights? Enter the 2018 Picture Human Rights Poster Contest and share your most creative ideas:

    HRE USA is pleased to announce the 2018 Picture Human Rights Poster Contest. Artists from ages 5 to 21 are invited to participate. We hope teachers and youth leaders can use the contest to:

    • stimulate young people to learn about, reflect on, and express what human rights in general and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in particular mean to them.
    • encourage young people to educate their communities about human rights.
    • heighten awareness about the UDHR during its 70th anniversary year.

    To help you get started, HRE USA has created the Picture Human Rights Resource Kit with ideas on how you can learn more about the UDHR and celebrate it in your own community.

    THEME: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is turning 70! The UDHR was adopted by the United Nations on December 10, 1948. Its 30 articles set out the basic rights and freedoms that apply to all people. Human rights recognize the inherent value of each person, based on the principles of dignity, equality, and mutual respect, which are shared across cultures, religions, and philosophies.

    THE CHALLENGE: Create a poster based on the Universal Declaration to celebrate its 70th Anniversary.

    ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to young people from kindergarten through college (ages 5-21)who live in the United States. Individual, class, or group entries accepted.

    AGE CATEGORIES: Elementary (K-4), Middle (5-8); High (9-12), Adult (ages 18-21)

    RECOGNITION: Winners will be announced on Human Rights Day, December 10. Winning posters will be featured in an online gallery on the HRE USA website and displayed at the regional and national conference of Amnesty International USA and the National Council for the Social Studies, and at human rights education workshops and seminars. First place winners will receive a $300 cash prize. 

    GUIDELINES: All submissions must be explicitly related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Posters will be judged on creativity, originality, appropriateness, and relationship to the theme. Original work only – no clipart or copyrighted material. All submissions must be made electronically via the online entry form (e.g pdf, jpeg, png) and no larger than 100 megabytes. All submissions by artists under 18 must include a signed permission slip by a parent or guardian. Read full contest guidelines here.

    DEADLINE: November 11, 2018 


    Rosemary Blanchard, Human Rights Education Community
    Retired: Associate Professor of Education Emeritus
    Adjunct Instructor in Peace Studies
    Sacramento State Univ & Univ of NM
    Albuquerque NM