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2017 House of Delegates and Resolutions (Important Message from the HOD Steering Committee Chair)

  • 1.  2017 House of Delegates and Resolutions (Important Message from the HOD Steering Committee Chair)

    Posted 06-22-2017 09:46:00 AM

    Dear NCSS Community,

    As you know, the House of Delegates (HOD) Steering Committee is charged with revising the HOD Manual to keep it consistent with the NCSS Constitution, policies and current practice (Article VII, Section 2k). Additionally, the HOD Manual allows the Steering Committee to "provide guidance and direction for the resolutions process, through the chair, throughout the year, including at the annual NCSS Summer Leadership Institute and subsequent outreach to affiliated councils, associated groups, and communities" (Article VII, Section 2d). 

    Beginning on May 23 and with subsequent deliberations, the NCSS President-Elect, current and incoming Steering Committee Chairs, and Staff agreed to the following changes that will enhance the HOD as the NCSS Annual Business Meeting and meet the needs of our current membership and profession:

    1. One Day HOD: HOD will move to Friday only for a 3-hour session, rather than being held over Friday & Saturday for two 2-hour sessions. This date and time change would allow HOD Delegates more time to participate in other Conference programming, and would create a more efficient governance meeting.
    2. Change to Resolutions Timeline: The Resolutions timeline is changing to support past HOD recommendations that all Resolutions are presented electronically. The deadline to submit Resolutions to NCSS has been moved up to the 4th Monday in August (from the 2nd Monday in October). This would make the 2017 Resolutions deadline Monday, August 28.
    3. Elimination of Article X, Section 5. Resolutions: Provisions in Section 5 allows for last-minute Resolutions to be presented in the HOD with 250 printed copies. To fully realize the goal to go paperless and also eliminate challenges and disorganization resulting from tabling last-minute Resolutions, Section 5 has been eliminated.   
    4. Elimination of Article X, Section 7. Resolutions: This Section states that "Proposed resolutions shall not: a. change the structure of NCSS.; b. Bind NCSS to spend money." At their March 2017 meeting, the Board of Directors supported removal of this Section, as it was considered unnecessary language that potentially limits the purpose and impact of Resolutions under consideration by the Board of Directors. According to Section 5.42 of the NCSS Policy Manual: "The House may adopt resolutions, but such resolutions are advisory in nature and do not bind nor become the official action of NCSS unless the board of directors concurs." Therefore, Article X, Section 7 is redundant since the Board of Directors has final approval on any resolution. 

    NCSS will continue to ensure that all members and stakeholders have an opportunity to provide feedback, guidance and grievances, to NCSS that support the Resolutions process all year long. Additionally, NCSS has planned other opportunities for members and stakeholders to engage with each other and NCSS. Please look for a separate announcement this summer on our monthly Leadership Forum Series of webinars.  

    The changes above will be reflected in detail in the 2017 HOD Manual and referenced in the Call for Resolutions which you will be receiving shortly.

    Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or suggestions.



    Tracy Todd

    2017-18 NCSS Steering Committee Chair



    Victoria Nayiga
    National Council for the Social Studies
    Silver Spring MD