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    Posted 06-20-2021 02:13:00 AM

    The 2021 SSEC Annual Conference is fast approaching (this Friday, the 25th).

    I can confidently say that the weather for our sessions will be delightful and the travel to the site will seem like you never left home. Next year, we'll finally meet in person at a location overseas to be announced at the conference.

    If you haven't had a chance to register yet, please take a look at the conference program ( Not featured in the program is the book raffle from Information Age Publishing – two books raffled each day for those in attendance. This, in addition to the heavily-discounted prices on other IAP texts. Most fun, I think, will be the virtual tour Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague – featuring a live Prague guide taking us through the streets and past the sites of Prague with commentary on the plague of 1713. One of our Board members has been experimenting with just the right cocktail to accompany our tour. Stay tuned!

    You will also see a wide variety of sessions – papers, classroom applications, panels presentations. Upon registering, we'll provide all the instructions you need to log into the sessions – you can even participate via audio only by phone (just let me know if that's an option you'd like).

    So please do take a look. I hope you will decide to join your colleagues by registering at

    Charles White, Exec. Director
    Social Science Education Consortium
    Rockland, MA 02370