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TAKE A LOOK--NCSS Human Rights Education Position Statement

  • 1.  TAKE A LOOK--NCSS Human Rights Education Position Statement

    Posted 09-27-2021 06:26:00 PM
    Greetings Colleagues and Friends,
    We hope this finds you well.  As co-chairs of the Human Rights Education Community, we wanted to share with you the newly revised National Council for the Social Studies Human Rights Education Position Statement. The NCSS Board of Directors voted and adopted this statement in late August, and the document was just published in the past week. By doing so, NCSS as a professional organization has taken a strong step forward, and affirmed its commitment to the advancement of human rights education through the social studies. 
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the drafting, editing and final revisions of this position statement. We are very proud of this accomplishment, and feel it will serve as a powerful beacon and tool for our collective work as a human rights education community at large. 
    We would encourage you to share this statement with any networks or colleagues you feel would benefit from seeing and utilizing this document.  The link to the position statement is attached below.

    Thank you for everything you do to continue to advance social studies education!

    Chris Buckley & Jake Skrzypiec
    Co-Chairs-NCSS HRE Community

    Jake Skrzypiec
    Social Studies Teacher
    Manchester Public Schools
    Manchester CT