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TEA-NCTA Fall 2020 Professional Development on East Asia

  • 1.  TEA-NCTA Fall 2020 Professional Development on East Asia

    Posted 08-19-2020 01:14:00 PM

    Announcing TEA-NCTA National Online Courses Beginning in September! 

    All courses offer a certificate of professional development hours and completion award. Please see individual course flyers for specifics of each course.

    Online Seminar: Modern Japan, Part I: Meiji through World War II, September 20 – November 21.  Join historian Ethan Segal for this four-module seminar exploring significant elements of Japan's political, social, and cultural history from 1868-1945. The course includes academic video lecture,  primary and secondary source readings, and exemplary websites for instructional use. Participants will discuss contemporary scholarship on the period as well as classroom applications. Open to secondary social studies teachers. Flyer and application

    Online Seminar: Chinese Literature through History, Part I: Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties. September 23 – November 10.  This three-module seminar examines literary writings from China's Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties (171-1912 CE). Participating teachers will explore important, classroom-applicable pieces of literature that offer windows into Chinese history, society, and culture. Open to secondary teachers who teach about China as part of their required curriculum. Flyer and application

    Book Group: Japan through Children's Literature: World War II Picture-book Biographies. September 25 – November 30.  In this book group, K-8 teachers discuss the integration of biographies in social studies and literacy curricula about wartime Japan and human rights. The course considers three picture-book biographies that depict a Japanese diplomat, an atomic-bomb survivor, and a staff person in the Occupation General Headquarters. Includes an author webinar.  Flyer and application

    Online Reading/Discussion Group: Hong Kong on the Brink, September 28 – November 21  (with a break for election week). The situation in Hong Kong changes by the day and impacts the world. This three-module, 18-hour NCTA course explores the evolution and current events related to the Hong Kong democracy movement, from the origins of the 2014 Umbrella movement to today. With China scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom's February 2020 book Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink as a foundation, the class will also consider essays by China specialists, investigative news reports, and podcasts. The course includes a live discussion with the author. Flyer and application

    Online Seminar: Korea in the Ancient and Early Medieval World (1st c. BCE – 1170 CE). October 1 – December 20.  Secondary teachers consider how the Korean peninsula developed into a distinct state and contributed to the greater East Asian region. This study across four periods of Korean history will focus on historiography and examination of archaeological, artistic, and written primary sources for classroom application. Flyer and application

    Catherine Ishida
    Japan & Korea Projects Coordinator
    Boulder CO