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Seeking Global Minded Educators at all levels!

  • 1.  Seeking Global Minded Educators at all levels!

    Posted 11-23-2021 07:15:00 AM
    Welcome to members both new & old! Sometime early in what has become the "fog" of the last two years, I became chair of this community with a personal charge of rebooting/reinvigorating it. My vision is to better reach those of interested in global ed and collaboration across all levels, disciplines, & geographical divides.
    While excited to undertake this task, it has proven difficult to do as a full-time classroom educator and without a F2F conference for traditional networking in a NCSS Community Showcase format &/or to hold an informal "meet up" gatherings. This informal type of gathering had been the plan for Minneapolis. Given those plans didn't come to fruition, we are now exploring other ideas to collaborate this next year. We also realize some of the membership in this ConnectEd group consists of folks in various NCSS leadership roles &/or those who joined for informational purposes. To that end, I have created a short Form for those of you interested in helping with this group over the next year. It is very short and shareable. Please complete if you are willing and share as applicable. Thank you & have a great Thanksgiving holiday.
    Microsoft Forms

    Jennifer Dawson
    Chair, NCSS International Collaborative Community
    President, Georgia CSS
    Modern World Studies Teacher, Advanced Content (Middle School)

    Jennifer M. Dawson
    Lost Mountain Middle School
    President, Georgia Council for Social Studies