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Resource Sharing for Distance Learning: Global/World Studies

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    Posted 03-29-2020 04:51:00 PM
    Greetings! Since one of the stated purposes of this NCSS Community is to share teaching resources with a global perspective, I thought we should explore what is currently happening for those currently involved in K-16 Global Ed. Perhaps this can be a platform to share global minded strategies and support for those of us who are now unexpectedly teaching our traditional courses remotely.

    Please introduce yourself and tell us what you where & what you teach. Also, tell us briefly how/what you are currently teaching & anything you might need or would like to offer.

    I'll start us off!

    Jennifer Dawson
    6th Modern World Studies (Western Hemisphere)
    I teach primarily Advanced Content (gifted) classes in suburban Atlanta. We were to begin our Latin America focus the week after school closed down. My district has been closed since March 16th.

    Jennifer M. Dawson
    Lost Mountain Middle School
    President-Elect, Georgia Council for Social Studies

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    Posted 03-30-2020 10:20:00 AM
    Lisa Adeli
    Director of Educational Outreach at the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) and long-time high school teacher

    CMES is a Title VI National Resource Center, one of 14 Middle East Centers selected by the US Department of Education.

    I have lots of materials (nearly 200 lesson plans, handouts and background sheets, etc.) for anyone who wants to teach anything related to the Middle East/North Africa - with some materials on Central Asia and the Balkans as well. Everything is free, of course. I can also provide "virtual speakers" through recorded talks with or without Q&A sessions. If you just tell me what you need, I can get a graduate student to do it. (We pay the students, but you don't have to pay anything.)

    Web addresses:
    main page:
    lesson plans:
    background information/resources:

    Lisa Adeli
    Director of Educational Outreach, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
    Tucson AZ

  • 3.  RE: Resource Sharing for Distance Learning: Global/World Studies

    Posted 03-30-2020 10:58:00 AM
    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for starting this thread.  My name is Kelly McKenna and I oversee a free online resource program that may help teachers across the nation, especially now as teachers are teaching virtually.

    The program, IEEE REACH ( focuses in the history of technology and how technology throughout time has impacted society, culture, politics, and economics, and vice versa.  All of the resources are downloadable in a PDF format, so teachers may pick and pull the specific parts that fit with their lessons and share them digitally on any platform.  Included in the program are full lesson plans, or inquiry units, these lessons are designed in an inquiry format and include teacher background information, formative performance tasks, civic actions, and excerpted documents that teachers may share with students digitally.  (The excerpted documents are numbered in connection to each of the supporting inquiry questions.  Teachers may choose one, or a couple, to use in any  lesson.)  The inquiry units include: The Printing Press, Skyscrapers, Electric Lighting, Early Maritime Navigation, Radio, Drones, Greek Triremes, Electronic Music, and the Refrigerated Railcar.  The inquiry units provide a good place to begin browsing the free resources.  In addition, tied to each inquiry, the program provides the following: Primary source materials that link directly to the location where they are housed, whether it be a museum, an archive, the Library of Congress etc.; Hands-on Activities, many of which may be completed at home with their parents; and numerous short engaging videos (multimedia) that may be downloaded in various formats.  All of the resources can also be searched by topic, era, and geography.  

    While the program was designed for High School World History teachers, many Middle School teachers are also using the resources, as are other disciplines, such as, Economics, US History, and Language Arts.

    The program was the development of the IEEE History center and our Ph.D Historians of Technology provided the research for each lesson.  IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

    My hopes are that the resources may help teachers during these challenging and unprecedented times.
    Wishing everyone safety and good health.

    Kelly McKenna
    IEEE History Center
    REACH Program Manager