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Is this community still active? NCSS meeting?

  • 1.  Is this community still active? NCSS meeting?

    Posted 10-21-2017 10:59:00 AM
    I have been a "member" of this group for several years and am very much interested/invested in this subject as a classroom teacher in a K-12 setting. However, I am wondering if this community even active? There is not a meeting scheduled (yet) for San Francisco and very little happens on this board other than cross posts from other community focus areas, etc.

    I am concerned and somewhat alarmed about the lack of international studies/global relations focus in the actual NCSS organization and at the annual conference - espcially for those not in post-secondary or supervisory roles outside the classroom. CUFA is for college faculty, IA is outside of the regular scope of NCSS conference registration.

    In DC last December, I was named vice-chair of the International Visitors Committee (of which we asked for a name change to reflect this written purpose of the committee & also why I applied for the committee appointment two years ago, however that has not happened). Even as vice-chair, I have only received one "group e-mail" from the chair since last December. The NCSS board liaison present at our meeting said that this would be addressed, however it is still listed by the old name (that does not comprehensively match the committee's written mission)

    Larry Paska was at our Georgia CSS annual meeting two weeks ago, but he was tied up with other endeavors the entire time so I was unable to speak to him about my concerns.

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