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Celebrate December 10 Human Rights Day with Current Events-Based Activities

  • 1.  Celebrate December 10 Human Rights Day with Current Events-Based Activities

    Posted 12-07-2015 01:49:00 AM
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    Dear  Friends of Human Rights Education,    

    As December 10th, International Human Rights Day, approaches, I encourage you to use this occasion to raise human rights awareness in your own schools and community.

    One way to do this is to guide your students to look at current events through a human rights lens.  There are so many hot button issues in the news right now that cry out for a human rights perspective – refugees, religious profiling, racial profiling, respecting  differences, responding to terror.  Too often they are presented from fear-based perspectives that overlook our shared humanity and our mutual need for human dignity.

    I invite you to make use of the latest edition of Human Rights Here and Now, a publication from Human Rights Educators USA ( )which offers a human rights perspective on current events, as well as selected resources for learning about that topic. This edition addresses the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe and elsewhere, a topic that is already influencing decisions around the world, as well as the Presidential campaigns. This bulletin is based largely on the work done by the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force, which does outstanding human rights education in LA-area high schools. Please feel free to share it with colleagues and friends: too many Americans lack the background to examine issues through a human rights lens.

    As we honor Human Rights Day 2015, I hope you feel real satisfaction in your own role in promoting human rights in the United States! 

    Thanks for all you do to support human rights and human dignity for all,

    Rosemary Blanchard, Chair, NCSS Human Rights Education Community

    PS: Please share with each other through this sitge and with our friends at HRE USA your own good ideas about human rights education or topics you’d like to see for future Human Rights Here and Now I bulletins.  You can communicate directly with HRE USA at:  Human Rights Educators USA • P.O. Box 151, Ithaca, NY 14851  •

    Rosemary Blanchard
    Associate Professor of Education Emerita and Adjunct Instructor in Peace Studies
    Sacramento State Univ & Univ of NM
    Albuquerque NM