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TOMORROW (11/17): Tech Community at the #NCSS17

  • 1.  TOMORROW (11/17): Tech Community at the #NCSS17

    Posted 11-16-2017 05:10:00 PM
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    Greetings Tech Enthusiasts,

    Here's a reminder for what we have going on tomorrow!

    • The Tech Lounge - This is our home base! It'll be in the 2nd floor public area and you'll have to try to miss it when you get up there. Stop by anytime on Friday or Saturday for a charge, a sit, some support, and some thoughtful discussion about the connection between digital media and the social studies.
    • Our Tech Showcase - Join us Friday in room 2016 at 8:45 to hear about the latest game-changing digital tools (and then come back to the lounge to continue to try them out!)
    • #TalkNCSS - Join Ryan O'Donnell (@creativeedtech), a local teacher leader making the world better place by building up students' and teachers' capacity to connect, among other things. He'll be joining us in the Tech Lounge at 10:35 on Friday morning to talk about how to "find your (professional) tribe," leveraging digital media to build up your own professional support system.
    • The Recap Recording Booth - The good folks at Recap (@RecapThat) will be with us from 10-4 on both Friday and Saturday with demos for their awesome tech tool AND a recording booth for you to share your classroom tech stories in a video archive for NCSS.

    If you are not attending #NCSS17 in person, join us on Saturday for the Tech Town Hall through a WebEx ​session. You'll get solid resources from and one of our our leadership team members will be online to facilitate!

    Looking forward to it!



    Nicholas Lawrence
    NCSS Tech Community Chair
    Assistant Principal
    East Bronx Academy
    Bronx, NY