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TRSE 50th Anniversary--Call for Manuscripts

  • 1.  TRSE 50th Anniversary--Call for Manuscripts

    Posted 12-06-2021 12:16:00 PM

    2022 marks an important milestone in the history of Theory & Research in Social Education-its 50th volume! When one considers the contested beginnings of the journal-including concerns about whether there would be enough empirical research in social studies education for the field to warrant its own scholarly journal-it is amazing how far the journal and the field have come (for a more extensive history of the development of TRSE, see Nelson & Stanley, 2013). 

    In the past five decades, TRSE has transformed from a journal read predominately by CUFA members to an international publication with over 84,000 article downloads last year alone! Over half of TRSE submissions come from outside of the United States, and the journal currently boasts citation statistics that put it within the top quartile of all education-focused scholarly publications. 

    So, on the eve of TRSE's 50th anniversary, there is much to admire about the journal and field's progress over the years. Yet, any type of anniversary is also an occasion to contemplate the future and address areas that need improvement or greater attention. In keeping with TRSE's original mission, as stated by founding editors Cleo Cherryholmes and Jack Nelson (1973), to be a "forum in which ideas and research findings can be focused, debated, refined, and developed," we are extending a call for manuscripts that critically reflect on the journal itself and/or the wider field of social education (p. i). 

    We encourage submissions that consider the journal and/or field's** past, present, and/or future. While we hesitate to set too many parameters for what direction these submissions might take, we are envisioning submissions that 

    ∙ Consider the nature of the extant literature and its role in shaping the field, whether by expanding or limiting visions of social education 

    ∙ Examine the role of the journal and/or the field in addressing contemporary educational issues, nationally or internationally 

    ∙ Take an updated/critical look at enduring issues within the field that were present at the journal's founding and have persisted over time 

    ∙ Offer a vision for what the journal and/or field might become in the future 

    Readers interested in examples of what these types of pieces might look like are encouraged to read Leilani Sabzalian's (2019) article critiquing the relationship between civic education and settler colonialism, Chris Busey and Tiana Dowie-Chin's (2021) recent article examining anti-Blackness within central tenets of social studies education, or Audrey Osler's (2015) article arguing for an increased focus on human rights education within the field. 

    These submissions are not intended to be relegated to a special issue of the journal and, thus, do not have a "due date." Rather, our intention is to publish them throughout Volumes 50 and 51 (and perhaps beyond). The number of accepted articles will determine the format in which they are published. Manuscripts submitted for this call should follow all the same guidelines as other TRSE submissions in terms of word length, citations, etc. 

    The journal, of course, will continue to accept submissions not related to this call, as normal.  


    **Please note that when we are referring to "the field" in this call, we are talking about the scholarly literature base, not the internal politics of NCSS, CUFA, or AERA. A large, and growing, portion of TRSE's readership is not affiliated with these organizations; therefore, manuscripts that delve deeply into the practices of these organizations are generally not of interest to the journal.



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    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
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