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    Posted 11-24-2019 10:17:00 AM

    Dear Colleagues,

    It was good seeing many of you in Austin! For those of you who either did not make it to CUFA or did not attend the Business Meeting on Thursday, I am writing with a few short informational items regarding Theory & Research in Social Education:

    --As you hopefully know, TRSE was selected for inclusion in the Social Science Citation Index, which means we will get an official impact factor. According to our representative from Taylor & Francis, we should get word of that impact factor in July.

    --We are continuing our doctoral student reviewer mentoring program, and we piloted an extra component this year which the TRSE Editorial Board agreed to make permanent: Doctoral students who serve as a "fourth reviewer" will not only get to experience being a reviewer and see how their reviews compare with other reviews and my editorial letter, but they will also get the opportunity to talk about the review process with one or more Editorial Board members who also served as a reviewer on that manuscript.

    Jenni Conrad graciously signed people up for the program at the graduate forum; however, if you are a doctoral student who was not at CUFA or did not make it to the graduate forum and would like to participate, please send me an email ( ) with your institution and research interests. (If you signed up at the graduate forum, no need to send an email)

    --As you probably know, the 7th edition of the APA handbook is now out. However, please continue to use the 6th edition, particularly for your references, if you submit to TRSE (or any other Taylor & Francis journal). We will make the switch to the 7th edition at some point, but we have to wait for the Taylor & Francis copy editors to update their systems to the new 7th edition guidelines.

    --Finally, my annual reminder that if you use TRSE articles in your classes, please make them go download the article from the Taylor & Francis TRSE website instead of just putting a PDF copy on Blackboard or Canvas. The more downloads we get, the more money CUFA receives!

    Thanks, and I hope all of you have a great end of the semester!


    Wayne Journell
    Editor, Theory & Research in Social Education