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TRSE 2021 Curated Article Collection

  • 1.  TRSE 2021 Curated Article Collection

    Posted 10-26-2021 12:58:00 PM

    Dear Colleagues, 

    I am pleased to share with you Theory & Research in Social Education's 2021 Curated Article Collection, which is on the theme of affect/emotion in social studies education. 

    When it comes to teaching and learning social studies, scholars have historically focused on cognitive and disciplinary elements. In recent years, however, scholars have begun to better understand how emotion affects students' civic and historical knowledge. 

    As the articles in this curated collection attest, affect plays an important role in many aspects of social studies education-from engaging with difficult histories to participating in deliberations of controversial political issues to even conceptualizing death. 

    It is my pleasure to share this 30-day free access article collection that highlights some of the best research focusing on the role of affect in social studies education that have been published in TRSE in recent years. 


    "Exploring the emotional dynamics of a political discussion" by H. James Garrett & Elaine Alvey, Volume 49, Issue 1   

    "Becoming 'Hijas de la Lucha': Political subjectification, affective intensities, and historical narratives in a Chilean all-girls high school" by Valentina Errazuriz, Volume 49, Issue 1   

    "Engaging with issues of death, loss, and grief in elementary school: Teachers' perceptions and affective experiences of an in-service training program on death education in Cyprus" by Polyxeni Stylianou & Michalinos Zembylas, Volume 49, Issue 1

    "Students' and teachers' beliefs about historical empathy in secondary history education" by Hanneke Bartelds, Geerte M. Savenije, & Carla van Boxtel, Volume 48, Issue 4

    "Seeing and feeling difficult history: A case study of how Canadian students make sense of photographs of Indian Residential Schools" by James Miles, Volume 47, Issue 4 

    "Migrant youth from West African countries enacting affective citizenship" by Patrick Keegan, Volume 47, Issue 3

    "The case of #NeverAgainMSD: When proceduralist civics becomes public work by way of political emotion" by Kathleen Knight Abowitz & Dan Mamlok, Volume 47, Issue 2


    Wayne Journell Curriculum and Instruction
    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Greensboro NC