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TRSE Issue 49(4) Now Online!

  • 1.  TRSE Issue 49(4) Now Online!

    Posted 12-07-2021 01:19:00 PM

    Dear Colleagues,  

    It is my pleasure to share with you Volume 49, Issue 4 of Theory & Research in Social Education, which has been published online. This issue includes the following articles and reviews:   

    "Teaching under attack: The dilemmas, goals, and practices of upper-elementary school teachers when dealing with terrorism in class" by Bjorn Wansink, Beatrice de Graaf, & Elke Berghuis  

    "'But it wasn't like that': The impact of visits to community-based museums on young people's understanding of the commemorative past in a divided society" by Alan McCully, Magdalena Weiglhofer, & Jessica Bates 

    "Students' prejudice as a teaching challenge: How European history educators deal with controversial and sensitive issues in a climate of political polarization" by Maren Tribukait 

    "Teaching for citizenship: Instructional practices and open classroom climate" by Kelly Siegel-Stechler 

    "College, career, and civic readiness: Building school communities that prepare youth to thrive as 21st century citizens" by Catherine Kramer, Amanda Lester, & Kristen Wilcox 


    "Encouraging inquiry in the digital age" by Bradley Kraft (Review of Conducting Authentic Historical Inquiry: Engaging Learners with SOURCES & Emerging Technologies, by Scott Waring & Richard Hartshorne) 

    "'Ethnic studies now': Preparing to teach and support critical K-12 ethnic studies" by Jasmin Patrón-Vargas (Review of Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools, by Christine Sleeter &  Miguel Zavala)  

    "Reframing the purpose of museum visits" by Alan Marcus (Review of About Museums, Culture, and Justice to Explore in Your Classroom, by Terese Quinn)  

    This issue can be accessed at

    Wayne Journell Curriculum and Instruction
    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Greensboro NC