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New Book: Post-Pandemic Social Studies

  • 1.  New Book: Post-Pandemic Social Studies

    Posted 16 days ago

    Dear Colleagues,


    Happy new year! I am writing to let you know that Post-Pandemic Social Studies: How COVID-19 Has Changed the World and How We Teach is officially out and available for purchase! You can order it from the TC Press website, Amazon, or anywhere else you like to purchase books. 

    Here is the Amazon link:

    The volume contains a foreword by Joel Westheimer, an afterword by Tyrone Howard, and chapters by Sohyun An, Varenka Servín Arcos, Brooke Blevins, Lisa Buchanan, Yun-Wen Chan, Ya-Fang Cheng, Rebecca Christ, Christopher Clark, Kristen Duncan, Leonel Pérez Expósito, Anna Falkner, David Gerwin, Maggie Guggenheimer, Michael Gurlea, Tracy Hargrove, Jennifer Hauver, Mark Helmsing, David Hicks, Karon LeCompte, Kevin Magill, Catherine Mas, Sarah Mathews, Carly Muetterties, Amber Neal, Katherina Payne, Noreen Naseem Rodríguez, Sandra Schmidt, Lynn Sikma, Amy Taylor, Stephanie van Hover, Cathryn van Kessel, Bretton Varga, Cara Ward, Tyler Woodward, and Holly Wright 

    Advanced praise for Post-Pandemic Social Studies: 

    "Taken together, the vision these chapters advance is one not satisfied with the education that benefits individuals. They suggest, rather, the possibility of social studies curriculum and teaching that foregrounds issues of social justice, builds communal ties, and embraces and advances the habits and dispositions of democratic life"-from the foreword by Joel Westheimer, professor, the University of Ottawa 

    "The collection of chapters in this book help to provide us a healing roadmap-a roadmap that explicitly names the challenges, emotions, and pain that many Americans have encountered historically and contemporarily. The authors in this work also provide us with critical and evidence-based directions, recommendations, resources, and hope for how we can move forward"-from the afterword by Tyrone Howard, Pritzker Family Endowed Chair of Education, University of California, Los Angeles 

    "This book unpacks the age-old question: How can we create a world we all want to live in? A must-read for any social studies educator"-Stefanie Wager, former president of the National Council for the Social Studies 

    "This book is a must-read for every social studies educator to help us process the global pandemic and how it has irrevocably changed every aspect of our profession"-Amanda Vickery, associate professor, University of North Texas

    Wayne Journell
    Univ of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Greensboro NC