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Planning for next December

  • 1.  Planning for next December

    Posted 01-14-2020 01:29:00 PM
    Hi All,

    It has now been nearly two months since the National Conference in Austin ended. I resolved to do a better job of posting on here this year. As you noticed, I haven't followed through very well yet. So I will try now.

    For this post, I thought I would talk briefly about next year's conference. It will be in the first part of December in Washington, D.C. Kim O'Neil is planning to propose another session on National Board information to see if we can get more attendance than we had this past conference. I have put in a proposal to do a poster session which will be open-ended in terms of what it seeks to do. Basically, my proposal is to answer any questions any one may have about the process. It would also include any current candidates who may have questions about submissions on which they are working at that time.

    This leads me to a couple of quick questions--Are any of you planning to propose sessions for next year? If so, please share the topics so we can help support you in your efforts. Also, if one of our proposals is accepted for next year, would any of you be willing/interested in helping present?

    Feel free to post your responses here.

    Thanks and I look forward to meeting you next year in D.C.

    Alvin Peters
    Director, Great Plains Center for National Teacher Certification
    Emporia State University
    Garnett KS