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Transformative Research in Geography Education: Request for Proposals

  • 1.  Transformative Research in Geography Education: Request for Proposals

    Posted 02-28-2018 02:16:00 PM

    Transformative Research in Geography Education
    (Request for Proposals)


    May 15, 2018


    The National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) invites proposals to develop new collaborative and interdisciplinary research networks in geography education. Through this program, NCRGE aspires to strengthen geography education research processes and promote the growth of sustainable, and potentially transformative, lines of research.

    Synopsis: The purpose of this program is to support the formation of new research groups and collaborations to plan future lines of research addressing major challenges in geography education. Proposals may request support for network-building activities under the following categories: 1) research fellowships, 2) research meetings, workshops, and site visits, and 3) research clearinghouse activities.

    Visit for full details about this opportunity.

    Eligibility: The lead principal investigator (PI) must be affiliated with a university or organization in the NCRGE research coordination network. NCRGE RCN membership is free and application forms are available on this page. For a map of current RCN member locations, visit
    International collaborations are welcome. Lead PIs affiliated with an international institution must include a U.S.-based researcher in the proposed research group and clearly demonstrate the proposed project's value for U.S. geography education.

    Application deadline: May 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm local proposer's time.

    Funding: NCRGE anticipates the availability of $60,000 to support projects under the 2018 Transformative Research program. Proposals may request a maximum of $20,000 for projects lasting up to 12 months.

    Joann Zadrozny
    Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education
    National Center for Research in Geography Education
    Texas State University
    San Marcos, TX