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Academic Freedom Community  

To advocate for and support academic freedom for all educators.

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African American Educators  

To explore issues facing African Americans in schools in general, and in the teaching and learning of social studies in particular; address topics involving curriculum, teaching methods and strategies, and general schooling philosophies as they relate to the African American experience in all institutional settings.

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Asia Community  

The mission of the NCSS Asia Community is to promote and advance teaching and learning about Asia and to serve as a vehicle by which members can communicate, interact, and share ideas, research and common concerns pertaining to education about Asia.

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Assessment Community  

To identify, prioritize, articulate, and promote sound and effective assessment principles and policies for 21st century social studies education.

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Canada Community  

The Canada Community connects teachers,faculty, professional development providers and others whose interests include teaching about Canada, about American/Canadian history and relations, about the Canadian point of view, and about Canada's importance in the world.

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Citizenship Community  

Welcome to the NCSS Citizenship Community!
The purpose of the Citizenship Community is to investigate, consider, and propose ways of defining, promoting, and enhancing effective citizenship within NCSS, the profession, school settings, and society.
We invite you to join us as we explore current topics surrounding civic education by keeping up-to-date on news, information, and research posted to this site, joining discussions on our discussion board, and working collaboratively to inform policies and practices that strengthen citizenship education for all students across our nation.

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Early Childhood Elementary Education Community  

To investigate, consider, and propose ways to define, promote and enhance the teaching of social studies at the early childhood and elementary grade levels in public and private schools throughout the world.

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Educators for Social Justice  

To provide a forum for the professional and personal development of social studies researchers, educators and practitioners dedicated to raising awareness about institutionalized injustice, exposing the ways in which historically justified discrimination has structured and continues to structure our society, and upholding social justice as a priority in Social Studies teaching and research.

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Environmental and Sustainability Education Community  

Welcome! Thank you for joining!
Our goal is to connect educators to each other and to promote awareness, understanding and facilitation of the dynamic and complex connections among the social studies disciplines and both environmental education (EE) and sustainability education (SE). This community will strive to provide a forum for NCSS members to network, discuss, advocate, and support programming, resource dissemination and professional development related to EE/SE and social studies.
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Friends of NCSS  

Welcome to Friends of NCSS. We are a community dedicated to assisting NCSS in its mission of providing leadership, service, and support for all social studies educators. We stand ready to serve NCSS in various ways throughout the year as needs arise—and have fun doing it. Our aim is to to help sustain NCSS as the world’s premier professional organization for social studies educators.

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Geography Community  

The mission of the Geography Community is:

1. To promote geography education in the schools through the implementation of the National Geography Standards and the NCSS Standards.
2. To provide a net work for teachers of geography for the sharing of information.
3. To encourage the integration of the concepts of geography in social studies programs in meaningful and recognizable ways.

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Human Rights Education Community  

The Human Rights Education Community seeks to enrich the place of human rights and humanitarian law in social studies education.

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Indigenous Education  

To encourage and support the accurate teaching of American Indian, First Nations, and indigenous people groups through journal articles, conference sessions, tours, speakers, etc.

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Instruction Community  

Members of the Instruction Community look for, discuss, and analyze best practices in instruction. We share resources and opinions. We ask each other for tips about teaching specific units. If you have ideas to share or would like an idea about an upcoming unit (e.g. the American Civil War), this community exists to serve as a forum. If you could use a teaching tip (e.g. classroom management), or if you'd like to share an idea or post an article or essay that you've written, again, we are a forum for these. A link to a YouTube resource? A power point presentation? An imovie? A link to sites that might promote positive instruction? Definitely! Please join us and let's talk about teaching!

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International Collaborative Community  

To foster global awareness and global communication among social studies educators, share teaching resources with a global perspective, publicize and discuss global issues, and facilitate community among global minded NCSS members.

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Issues Centered Community  

The Issues-Centered Community was founded for the purpose of introducing teachers to issues-centered approaches to teaching social studies and other school subjects, with the aim of helping teachers create stronger linkages between students' lives and the subjects, topics, issues, and themes they study in school.

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Middle East Community  

The community brings together Social Studies educators interested in teaching about the Middle East.

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NBCT Community  

To promote and facilitate communication between National Board Certified Social Studies teachers, teachers interested in pursuing board certification, university teachers and researchers, social studies curriculum leaders, and all educators interested in accomplished social studies teaching

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Non-Public Schools Community  

The Non-Public School Community of the NCSS provides a forum for non-public social studies teachers and administrators to dialogue issues of common interest and concern, share resources, and encourage cooperation between public and non-public social studies educators.

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Psychology Community  

Thank you for taking the first step in uniting yourself with other Psychology and AP Psychology teachers around the country. This website should provide you with a valuable communication tool.

Now the next thing you need to do is to oficially join the NCSS Psychology Community by completing the membership form listed below under “Become a Psychology Community Member” or email Daria Schaffeld at Membership dues are $30 for a lifetime membership. Once received, you will receive our “Welcome Package” and your first of three newsletters that are filled with wonderful teacher tested activities, projects, assignments, and demonstrations that can easily be added to your curriculum.

The Psychology Community, formally known as the Psychology Special Interest Group, is part of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). In conjunction with the NCSS, the purpose of this organization is to help in the teaching of Psychology in pre college and in Advanced Placement Psychology. We have members from all over the country who are interested in the teaching of psychology, primarily at the high school level.

The history of this organization began when it was realized that psychology teachers lacked a network within their schools. Thus, Bob Stahl founded the NCSS Psych SIG (Special Interest Group) in the 1970’s. Several years later, Jim Matiya and Dale Kenney continued the quest to provide psychology teachers with unique classroom teaching techniques and strategies, while presenting each year at the NCSS Annual Conference.

In 2005, Daria Schaffeld, Lindsay Hackman and Joe Geiger proudly assume leadership of this group with the hope of continuing to unite psych teachers across the United States and Canada.

Begining in 2010 Sejall and Jennifer Schlicht were choosen to continue the leadership roles along with Daria and Joe.

Though the name has changed in 2007 from the “Psych SIG” to the “Psych Community”, the focus has remained the same: to help psychology teachers be the best they can be!
Psychology Community Chairs

Daria Schaffeld Prospect High School
Joe Geiger Carl Sandburg High School
Sejal Schullo Glenbrook South High School
Jennifer Schlicht Bonner Springs High School

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