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Topic: Human Rights Education--Curriculum project 

1.  Human Rights Education--Curriculum project

Posted 04-18-2017 09:22:00 AM

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is developing a curriculum project for human rights education. The message below details the project and includes contact information if you are interested in participating.

Seeking Curriculum Writers for 68.77.89: Arts, Culture and Social Change
The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is seeking curriculum specialists for the development of a new curriculum titled 68.77.89: Arts, Culture and Social Change.  Intended for high school audiences, 68.77.89 will teach students about three major events in Czech and Slovak history:
1)            The 1968 Soviet-led invasion- otherwise known as the Prague Spring- which was in response to increased civil and economic liberties in Czechoslovakia
2)            The 1977 signing of Charter 77, a document created to push the Communist government to adhere to promised human rights guidelines
3)            The Velvet Revolution of 1989, in which widespread nonviolent protests led to the collapse of the Czechoslovak Communist government
All of these events had- and continue to have- global significance.
Over the course of the next three years, the world commemorates significant anniversaries for each of these events: 2017 marks Charter 77's 40th anniversary; 2018, the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring; and 2019 will be the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. 
Through a variety of sources, including literature, film, theater, art and the NCSML's own oral history collection, 68.77.89: Arts, Culture and Social Change will teach youth about the major role students, writers and artists played in the social paradigm shift that helped end Communism-and build democracy-in the former Czechoslovakia. These events will be connected to issues of today and will also be placed in the larger global narrative, connecting events in one part of the world to another.
NCSML staff will collaborate with curriculum specialists in the creation, development and dissemination of lesson plans for 68.77.89: Arts, Culture and Social Change. The NCSML is seeking a specialist with experience or interest in the following areas:
1)      Classroom teaching experience in the social studies
2)      Writing and implementing lesson plans in adherence with local, state and federal standards
3)      Collaboration with cultural institutions such as museums and libraries
4)      Working with oral history and other related digital collections
For more information, please contact Dr. Nic Hartmann, Director of Learning & Civic Engagement, at, or by phone at 319.362.8500.

Jason Harshman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Social Studies and Global Education

University of Iowa

N235 Lindquist Center
Iowa City, Iowa  52242-1529
Office Phone: 319.335.5606

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