Comics in the Classroom @ NCSS 2013

By Gregory Adler posted 11-17-2013 03:52:32 PM


A generation ago teens buried their heads in COMICS and not iPhones or iPads. Some of us still remember that before

Superman was in 3-D on a big screen, he flew off the pages of DC Comics.    Today those old comic book pages prove to be a rich source of material to teach contextualization, historical thinking, and even address the Common Core themes.   

Opening the pages of comics opens another gateway to understanding history.   We hope to introduce this as a unique Content Area reading and in fact there is a wide selection of historical content to choose from which can lead into a variety of writing assignments. The use of comic books from the Golden Age to the present also ties nicely into the NCSS Conference theme of Music, Pop Culture and the Study of History.    When students pour over the pages of comics they can start to consider the values and beliefs of that time period.

Almost through the semester & needing to laugh ?   Attend session #265 on Friday at 5:25pm and you will be introduced to a variety of ways to utilize comics in the classroom  and participate in a fun and funny lesson about teaching history.