New NCSS Performance Based Assessment Clearinghouse

By Rozella Clyde posted 04-18-2013 06:58:36 AM

Thank you Michelle for your announcement about the new Clearinghouse that had been established by NCSS to gather together items that NCSS has established a Clearinghouse for
performance based assessment items. That was the essential purpose of the resolution ATSS/UFT submitted at the 2012 House of Delegates. I am delighted that the resolution is now superfluous! If we are going to replace multiple guess assessments so heavily entrenched within the national "high-stakes" testing mentality, there must be proven alternative assessment instruments waiting in the wings. NCSS has just taken the first step down that path. The next step requires those of us in the field to populate this clearinghouse with field tested examples.
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08-03-2013 02:08:39 PM

Thank you Rozella, for your comment and support! I am hoping we can all help get the word out before, during, and after the upcoming conference to get the site populated. We know there are great performance-based assessment models out there - let's make them available to everyone!