Legislative Day Endeavors...Take I

By Brian Traxler posted 10-18-2011 07:33:33 PM

Hi Everyone--

I have begun the process of contacting my representatives in Washington, and also Senators Harkin and Enzi about the possibility of meeting with them while in Washington for Legislative Day. My key breakthrough of the day was the ability to schedule a meeting with Representative John Kline's Educational assistant on December 1. Representative Kline, Chairman of the House Education Committee, is from Minnesota and I decided to use my local position to try to schedule a meeting. If Representative Kline should become available, I will post this in the coming weeks.

I plan to post who I am going to see once meetings get scheduled. Maybe if people get an idea which House Reps and Senators are willing to engage with the average teacher, it will encourage others to get involved with the process.

Hope this helps...Brian

Social Studies Department Chairperson, Saint Agnes School
530 Lafond Avenue
Saint Paul, MN  55103